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Jul 26, 2008 at 05:03pm IST

Face of Vidarbha crisis,Kalavati,to kill self

New Delhi: Kalavati Bandurkar, who became the face of the Vidarbha's agrarian crisis after Rahul Gandhi mentioned her name in the Lok Sabha, has threatened suicide.

"I need land, I need money to care for my children. Otherwise, I will commit suicide and my children will be orphaned," Kalavati said.

The mother of nine children also claimed that she had received no assistance from the Government.

Addressing a rally of 1,500 farmers, Kalavati demanded that the Government waive all farm loans to help widows like her.

Earlier, she had demanded a seven-acre plot of irrigated land and other assistance for her children. Though help has been slow in coming to her, she has received some aid from individuals and locals.

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