Aug 03, 2012 at 01:14pm IST

'Kalimannu' is about a sacred relationship: Director

For master director Blessy, the spark for a film, from the theme to final cut, flows in the form of scintillating frames. For instance, it was the image of a TV advertisement displayed on an LCD screen on a street that inspired him to pen 'Calcutta News'. Likewise a girl waiting for a train with an umbrella in hand on a rainy evening in an old railway station in the suburbs of Palakkad, paved the way for 'Pranayam'.

After every film, Blessy deliberately creates a vacuum in his mind, so as to welcome new frames. After 'Pranayam', he went to Dubai to attend a function. On his travel, a radiant thought flew in his mind, that of a baby in the womb talking to its mother. And the frame initiated the spark for a film that unfolds the relationship between a mother and her baby in the womb. Since its announcement itself the movie created quite a buzz owing to the subject it deals with. Titled 'Kalimannu', the movie will have actor Shwetha Menon, who is pregnant in real life, portraying the lead role.

"The curiosity side apart the story of ‘Kalimannu’ is not all about pregnancy and delivery. It has a storyline that deals with relationships and human emotions," says Blessy. A woman's life becomes complete only after giving birth to a child, believes the director.

'Kalimannu' is about a sacred relationship

The story of 'Kalimannu' is not about pregnancy and delivery. It deals with relationships and human emotions.

"It is the most divine moment. And the habit, attitude and behavior of the mother will have an influence on the child. The baby will start hearing what his mother says when the fetus is five months old. Her good deeds, her good words, her bad deeds and her bad words - all of them will have an impact on the child. That is why we say that mother is like God. My film will tell the story of that sacred relationship," Blessy says.

To substantiate his take, he also pointed out the references in the epics and Holy books. "Remember the Abhimanyu episode in Mahabharatha. When he was in Subhadra’s womb, Abhimanyu clearly hears Arjuna describing about Padmavyuha to his mother. In the Bible, when Elizabeth was bearing John the Baptist in her womb, the baby reacts to his mother’s joy when she met Mary,” he adds.

And being a writer-director the greatest advantage that he enjoys, according to him, is that he will be able to visualize the scene composition, choreography and artist positioning while writing the script itself. Satheesh Kurup who portrayed picturesque frames for ‘Pranayam’ will join him once again for ‘Kalimannu’. M Jayachanadran will render the music to the lyrics penned by ONV.

‘Kalimannu’ is produced by Thomas Thiruvalla under the banner of Cherummuttadathu Films. Biju Menon will portray another major character in the film. The rest of the cast will be completed soon. However, we are planning a four-day shooting by August first week. Since we have to cover various stages of pregnancy, the film will be completed in different schedules and is slated to release on 2013,” says Blessy.

But while dealing with such a delicate subject, is he not bothered about the criticisms that he will have to face for cashing in on such a subject. “I respect criticisms and critics, but I am not afraid of them. But let me humbly remind them one thing, to criticize is an easy job, but creation is pretty difficult. Let them wait for the release of my movie,” he says with smile.