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Jul 13, 2011 at 08:08am IST

Kalka Mail: comatose man remains unidentified

Kanpur: It has been three days since the Howrah-Kalka Mail tragedy and still many injured passengers remain unidentified. One such victim is a man, approximately 30-years-old, who was brought to Hallet Hospital in Kanpur in an unconscious state. Soon after he was admitted, he slipped into a coma.

"He has suffered severe head injuries, because of which his breathing isn't constant and that's why we had to put him on ventilator and his chances of survival are low." lecturer CS Singh said.

The hospital authorities do not know who he is and are still trying to identify the man. He didn't say a word before he went into a coma and no one from his family has come forward to identify him.

The man's luggage and wallet are missing, so there is no way to identify him except for the clothes he was found in.

Singh said, "We tried pinching him also, but he doesn't respond at all and doesn't say a word either."

The hospital's Intensive Care Unit (ICU) has four people who were badly injured in the rail tragedy, but this man is perhaps the only one who is suffering alone in the absence of a loved one.

Doctors said that the authorities were trying their level best to identify the man but they have too many patients to deal with. They are now appealing to the public to come forward and help them.