Mar 08, 2013 at 09:20pm IST

Kamal Haasan to direct a Hollywood film?

After the completion of 'Vishwaroopam', Kamal Hassan had sent his film to Big Brothers Studio for sound editing. Apparently, Barrie Osborne, producer of 'Lord of the Rings', was interested in watching the movie. He had requested Kamal for watching the movie. Though it was the unedited version, Osborne apparently liked it a lot, and requested Kamal for a second viewing along with his daughter.

An guess what has such a liking this led to? Now Barrie Osborne wants to take it a step further with a upcoming Hollywood film with Kamal. He had not only confirmed the deal, but also wants Kamal to direct the film! Kamal is excited about doing the international project, and is extremely happy about the turn of events.