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May 30, 2013 at 11:37am IST

Kanpur: Woman granted bail 19 years ago, freed now after her son pays Rs 5,000 bond money

Kanpur: A woman in Kanpur, who had been granted bail 19 years ago, was finally released from jail this week after her son - born in a jail - grew up to earn enough money for her bond money.

Vijay Kumari is home after 19 years and all thanks to her son Kanhaiya who fought relentlessly against the system to have her back. Kumari had been languishing in jail since 1990 after she was sentenced for life on murder charges.

However, in 1994, a court granted her bail provided that she pay Rs 5000 as bond money - an amount that Kumari couldn't furnish. "No one from my family or in-laws came for my help. I want to fight for my rights," said Kumari.

The only one who stood by her side was her son Kanhaiya. Born in Lucknow Jail, he lived with his mother until he was six-years old after which he was moved to a government-run home. Kanhaiya today works in a garment factory in Kanpur and every rupee that he has earned has gone towards securing his mother's release.

Kanhaiya's employer said, "He came to me on July 10, 2012 from the Lucknow Bal Graha. He was out of work and he couldn't make ends meet. He asked for a job which would provide him some livelihood means. So, I got him a job at a ready-made garment shop. He worked night and day, and gathered some money with which he would go and visit his mother."

Last year, the Allahbad High Court, acting on a plea by Kanhaiya, ordered that Vijay Kumari be released at once. And finally, the mother and son were close to being reunited. Kanhaiya said, "I was very sad. I had no one by me without her. I worked very very hard to get the money that was required for the release of my mother. I am very happy now."

Vijay Kumari's story has now forced the Allahabad High Court to take action for the thousand others languishing in Uttar Pradesh's jails. The High Court has now directed that a list of convicts who are incarcerated but have been granted bail be handed to the court at once. And hopefully, many more will be reunited with their lost, loved ones.