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Jan 27, 2013 at 05:26pm IST

Kargil was violation of Shimla Agreement, Musharraf covered war blunders: Ex-Pak officer

Islamabad: The Kargil War was an unsound military operation based on invalid assumptions, a retired Pakistani general who served in the ISI, has said. In an article in Pakistan's 'The Nation' newspaper earlier this month, Lieutenant General Shahid Aziz, a former commander of the IV Corps in Lahore, debunked the official claim that mujahideens were involved in the war.

"There were no mujahideen, only taped wireless messages, which fooled no one. Our soldiers were made to occupy barren ridges, with hand held weapons and ammunition," he wrote.

He said Pakistan's action clearly violated the Shimla Agreement and that General Pervez Musharraf was personally involved in covering up the Kargil blunders, even stopping a report by the General Headquarters.

Lt Gen Aziz further warned that Pakistan's refusal to draw the right lessons from the past will only result in more misadventures.