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Jul 26, 2012 at 09:26am IST

Kargil war heroes look back at the victory

Drass: On Kargil Vijay Diwas, 13 years after the war was won, two war heroes, a doctor and a soldier come together to reminisce the toil and sacrifice of the Indian soldiers.

During the conflict, doctor Rajesh Anand nursed the wounds of many soldiers, not at the base camp but in the treacherous peaks of the Mushkow and Tololing.

Dr Anand still remembers how Captain Vikram Batra, one of the well know heroes of the conflict, died in his lap and how he removed the bullet in the leg of Rifleman Sanjay Kumar, a war hero.

"It was my choice to go up with the soliders. My boss agreed to the request after much persuasion. I told them not to worry about the bullets and I will take it out right at the spot," Anand said.

Rifleman Kumar scaled several peaks to evict Pakistani troopers. Kumar fought several hand-to-hand fights but in the process lost many of his close friends.

One of the exemplary tales that stands out even today is the friendship of a doctor and a soldier who went on to become the first living PVC. Their selflessness, courage, grit and determination is still being celebrated in the hills of the Tololing.

The war memorial in the lap of Toloing witnessed the unfurling of one of the largest flags on Wednesday, donated by MP Navin Jindal's Flag foundation of India. The tricolour, is the biggest that has been placed on any memorial in the country, a flag that's a testament to the sacrifice and courage of the Indian soldier.