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Feb 08, 2011 at 12:55pm IST

Karmapa aides have criminal past: HP DGP

Himachal Pradesh Director General of Police DS Minhas says the Karmapa Lama Ugyen Trinley Dorje has Chinese links and his aides have a criminal past. Speaking exclusively to CNN-IBN, Minhas says that Karmapa and his aides have been buying properties in India even though as Tibetans refugees they cannot do so legally.

CNN-IBN: There are lot of controversies about the Karmapa and that he has links with China. he is a Tibetan and Tibetans are not allowed to buy property and anyone who is not a resident of Himachal Pradesh cannot buy property in the state.

DS Minhas: In case of Himachal Pradesh they were negotiating a big property deal in Trilokpur which was later on when it came to the notice of the Government of India, the Enforcement Directorate started looking into it and it was put on hold. But they had signed the initial agreement of sale.

CNN-IBN:When was this?

DS Minhas: That was around three years back. Then there was another property near Sidhbari, the present building where the money was recovered that was going to take place. They have bought some property on the border district of Mandi and Kullu district and negotiations were also going on for holdings in Kinnaur district. Then we have reasons to believe that some property has been bought in Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh and also some property in Uttarakhand. So at least six properties are known. The modus operandi is that they pick up locals and an association is floated or a trust is formed and they do apply to the government, take permission in the name of that cooperative society, that trust or foundation and then that property is bought in that name. The possession is with the people of the Karmapa.

CNN-IBN: Karmapa people are saying that these are offerings from the people.

DS Minhas: In some of the cash found we found that the notes like Chinese Yuan were fresh from the bank pertaining to the year 2005, some were in serial numbers. Such huge money including Indian currency casts a doubt as to why his money has been kept in cash to take care of these deals. On the face it does not appear to be the offerings.

CNN-IBN: You were talking about Tai Situ. Can you tell more about him because as we understand was he really the person who was behind the anointing Karmapa as the 17th Karmapa?

DS Minhas: I am given to believe that even CBI was looking at some cases between 1993 and 98 against Tai Situ. In between he was also barred from entering India. Some of their cronies have been caught in smuggling of wildlife produces.

CNN-IBN: But the is fact that Tai Situ is one of the refugee and has other passports?

DS Minhas: Yes, it was reported that sometime Tai Situ also carried Bhutanese diplomatic passport, sometimes he also carried Nepalese passport and of course he is a resident of Himachal Pradesh as a Tibetan refugee.

CNN-IBN: Why is the Karmapa sect so important. He has a huge following, his sect has the biggest following and some say he has more following than even the Dalai Lama?

DS Minhas: In 1983 when the 16th Karmapa died at that point of time it was estimated that the sect holds properties worth around $1.3 billion around the world. So that way it is a very powerful sect and very wealthy sect. The whole fight between the two anointed people is basically over this property.

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