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Jun 12, 2013 at 08:21am IST

Karnataka: Rs 1 crore for government jobs, allege toppers

Bangalore: A crore or more for a government job - that's the going rate in Karnataka. In March 2013, Dr HPS Mythri got a high rank in the recruitment exam for the Karnataka Administrative Service. She was confident of a top job until she went for her personality test.

Dr Mythri said, "I got a call from the KPSC member saying I'm the topper in ST category and I should go and meet the member for a negotiation. Since I'm ST woman, the price is concessional, or else it would be Rs 1 to Rs 1.5 crore."

Dr Mythri didn't pay. She was given a low score on the personality test. The girl who got 70 marks lesser than her got a boosted score on the same test.

Even Ajay, her batchmate's rank slipped from 34 in the written exam to 157 after the personality test. G Ajay said, "They spoke to my father and said if we're aiming at Assistant Commissioner Post, the cost is Rs 1 crore or more. It's a huge amount and we didn't want to buy a job."

Mythri and Ajay are just two of the 200-odd of the candidates who've complained to the government in protest about the blatant corruption for a government post. "I've seen many candidates crying in front of the commission when they see the marks though they have done well in the main exam," said Dr Mythri.

The government has put all recruitment on hold until an enquiry is completed. Chief Minister K Siddaramaiah said, "After getting the enquiry report I will take the action needed in accordance with the law as it is a constitutional body."

Candidates allege that government posts are almost auctioned blatantly, with some of them being bid against each other. So in a way government officers are forced to become corrupt even before they're recruited and then get caught up in a vicious cycle.

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