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May 28, 2012 at 10:05pm IST

Nitish Katara murder: Yadav brothers' long hospital stays unjustified, says medical report

New Delhi: Brothers Vikas and Vishal Yadav, convicted for the murder of Nitish Katara in 2008, and who managed to stay out of the Tihar jail for over 151 days since then now face flak from an independent inquiry panel.

Commissioned on Delhi High Court's orders, the panel of doctors led by a brigadier stated that the brothers' medical records do not justify lengthy hospital stays. The report accessed by CNN-IBN says:

- Perusal of hospital records did not justify the prolonged periods of hospitalisation of Vishal Yadav.

- It mentions a specific instance of his re-admission within four hours of discharge with no sign of ailment.

- It also mentions a 109-day stay where discharge was planned several times, but never done.

- At least five other specific admissions and illness claims which were found not justified.

The board also mentions that Vikas went missing from AIIMS at least twice during his stay in hospital.

Nitish's mother Neelam Katara had petitioned the High Court claiming the two brothers were enjoying medical visits on flimsy grounds.

In 2011, CNN-IBN had reported how Vikas Yadav had spent 24 days waiting for a pet or body scan. Authorities said off-record that the reason why Vikas stayed in AIIMS was because Tihar was not paying for the medical test.

The report confirms this aspect. It further goes on to say that the scan was conducted on a later date and his condition was found to be normal.

Till now AIIMS and Tihar authorities have tried to pass the buck when it comes to questions about the medical records of the Yadav brothers. But after this report, they will have a lot of explaining to do when the Delhi High Court takes up the matter on July 6.