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May 30, 2008 at 11:46pm IST

Katara case: Lawyers say battle isn't over

New Delhi: The Nitish Katara murder case was a long-drawn trial for the lawyers as well. On Friday, both the prosecution and the defence lawyers reacted to the Patiala House court verdict.

While Kataras’ lawyer BS Joon said they would consider appealing for enhancement of the sentence, Yadavs’ lawyers were visibly agitated and even blamed the media.

“We will go through the judgement and decide whether we should go for an enhancement of it. We have the legal right to do so,” said Joon.

Vikas Yadav's lawyer K N Balgopal spoke with CNN-IBN and said the prosecution did not succeed in projecting the case as a rarest of rare.

“Prosecution tried to make it one of the rarest of rare cases along with fine Rs of 1 lakh. We will be filing an appeal as soon as we get copies of judgement. We will approach the higher court for justice. The court was packed with lawyers and journalists. As far as the sentence is concerned, we placed on record conviction cases. I had explained to the court that Nitish was murdered with a hammer. It was not a case where he was burnt alive. They (Vikas and Vishal Yadav) took it gracefully. We have a right to appeal,” he said.

Another counsel for the Yadavs’, GK Bharati criticised the media for activism during the course of the trial

“Court does not work on emotion. I have been saying that. Media has been playing negative role. Fate of the case could have been different if media didn't projected both the brothers as criminals,” Bharati said.

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