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Jul 05, 2013 at 05:20pm IST

Katrina Kaif is attractive, want to work with her: Siddharth Malhotra

New Delhi: He has immaculate style sense, loves spouting Bollywood dialogues and is fully aware of the challenges he has to face as an 'outsider' in the showbiz industry to make the cut with his audience. Even though Siddharth Malhotra continues to dominate headlines for bagging interesting movie offers, the actor makes an earnest effort to remain grounded.

IBNLive tells you why his fan base will expand exponentially and what makes actress Katrina Kaif so special in his life.

Yes, I'm an outsider: It is a fact that ruling the box office, and bagging much sought after awards comes easily to the star kids. Siddharth Malhotra, who assisted Karan Johar in Shah Rukh Khan-starrer 'My Name is Khan', before making his Bollywood debut in 'Student of the Year', admits being the proverbial 'outsider' who is all set to take Bollywood by storm. "I call myself an outsider because in Mumbai I don't have anything to fall back on. So if things don't work in my favour, I will have to pack up and come back to Delhi. That's why I want to make concerted efforts to carve a space for myself in Bollywood."

Katrina Kaif is very attractive, want to work with her: Siddharth Malhotra

Siddharth Malhotra is prepared to make Katrina Kaif meet his mother soon.

Loud and boisterous Punjabification in Bollywood is passe: In 'Ghanchakkar' Vidya Balan played a loud and boisterous Punjabi housewife who is happy and content wearing tacky outfits. But is the Punjabi-ish avatar less enjoyable and more demeaning? "Yes, and it is just so passé. I also feel people love to stick to old notions of Delhi boys who are expected to be rowdy and loud. We coming in will definitely change that perspective. Interestingly, everyone I have met so far have said, 'You don't look like a typical Delhi boy because you aren't loud. And that opinion, I feel, is weird.' But I hope I will change it," he says.

Is Siddharth dating someone? The actor cracks a smile when we ask him how he manages to steer clear from dating rumours, a strategy many celebrities resort to for publicity. "Maybe I'm keeping secrets," he laughs, adding, "But the fact is that it is a deliberate attempt to stay focused in career. This is the time when I should be concentrating on the projects that are coming way. There is a lot to do and I don't want to lose focus in life."

Katrina Kaif should meet my mother soon: Siddharth Malhotra, who recently launched Vespa scooter in Delhi, not only wants to ride it to make a grand entry in 'Student Of The Year 2', but is also keen on having Katrina Kaif riding it as a pillion passenger. "Katrina Kaif is very attractive; she is a cool girl to chat up with. She has the correct European styling." Siddharth is also interested in sharing the screen space with Katrina. "I'm really interested in doing a film with Katrina Kaif as she is a great performer. If something really comes up, I would like to take it up," he replies.

With Siddharth admitting his strong affection and fondness for Katrina, we couldn't resist asking him if he would also want the actress to meet his mother soon? "Very soon, hopefully. I will go back and ask Katrina this too," he laughs.

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