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Aug 30, 2007 at 11:43pm IST

Kaziranga's real hero, Boro is sentinel of the wild

Kaziranga: Dharnidhar Boro is a forest ranger in Kaziranga who often goes beyond the call of duty in his passion to save the wildlife.

He and his fellow rangers at the Kaziranga National Park fight a day-to-day battle to save the Indian one-horned rhino. And though it's clearly an uphill battle, Boro's spirit and commitment are strong.

According to a survey the number of rhinos in India's wild is less than half that of the tigers and one tenth of the elephants. But despite these numbers, Boro and his men have reasons to be proud of their achievements.

Today Kaziranga has almost 1,900 rhinos, the number may not be very large but its significant considering in the early 90s, their numbers had dwindled to less than a thousand.

“It’s we the forest officials and NGOs who are taking care of the nature. If we destroy them, it is not possible for the human being to survive in this world. So this is a great job and all forest officials should be proud that we got to serve in forestry,” says Boro.

But the pride is hard earned. Boro is on duty 24x7, which means that there are no offs and no leaves. And it’s this dedication that even keeps his fellow forest guards going.

“All creatures are created by God so they also have an equal right in world. We must give them respect and their rights. If we lose one species day-by-day in this world, then we cannot think of surviving in this world. So we must take care of their living site and them also,” says Boro.

So as long as Boro and his men are patrolling the jungles, there is hope that the majestic Indian rhino will survive in the grasslands of Kaziranga.

(One can reach Boro at 09435152364. To send any help for this cause, contact the Chief Conservator of Forests, Mr Malakar. He can be contacted at 09864066350, 0361-2517064, Fax 0361-2547386)