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Keeping pace with Rahul on his padyatra

Shreya Dhoundial,CNN-IBN
Jul 08, 2011 at 11:01am IST

New Delhi: With Rahul Gandhi undertaking his padyatra, it has also been a padyatra also for all the journalists who are following his every move.

A day in the life of journalists who are close on his trail.

Run, Hitch a ride, eat on the go, rest where you can - it's all in a day's work for the 250-plus media contingent tracking Rahul Gandhhi's padyatra.

"It's exactly like peepli live. It's a padyatra for Rahul but a run yatra for all of us in the media, said Maushmi Singh, reporter, IBN 7.

Maushmi is one of the 60-plus journalists tracking every move the Congress general secretary makes. A sudden security scare and Kishan chand wass catapulted to the headlines across networks. He had come to shake hands with the Gandhi scion but ended up getting arrested for carrying a pistol instead.

"I just wanted to meet Rahul Gandhi for 5 minutes," said Kishan Chand.

The breaking story lost steam with that statement and it was back to covering Rahul's chaupal.

As the day ended, it was time to go looking for a place to sleep. The next morning is going to be another marathon day for the media.

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