Oct 19, 2012 at 04:02pm IST

Kerala: AI pilot sounds false hijack alarm as passengers refuse to de-board

Thiruvananthapuram: There was a hijack scare at the Thiruvananthapuram airport after the pilot of the Abu Dhabi-Kochi Air India Express flight rang an emergency flight. This came after the flight, that was supposed to land at Kochi, landed at Thiruvananthapuram because of a technical snag.

After landing, the crew asked the passengers to de-board the plane. But the passengers refused to do so and allegedly entered the cockpit. Following this, the pilot rang a hijack emergency alarm. Air India officials alleged that the passengers refused to de-board and also threatened the pilot.

The passengers, however, said that they did not enter the cockpit, but stood outside it and asked the pilot as to when the flight would take off. The passengers alleged that they were not being treated properly by the Air India officials and that there was no access to food and water was provided.

"Nobody went into the cockpit. We did block the aisle. The passengers did not speak directly to the pilot. Around 125 passengers are still on the plane. The Kerala police boarded the plane and escorted the pilot out," said one of the passengers, Henry. The passengers also said that the airline 'hijacked' them.

The passengers also alleged that there has been no proper channel of communication between the authorities and them. They said that for a long time they were not told what the next step will be.

However, a few hours later, a new cabin crew was sent to the flight. Trivandrum Airport sources said that action is likely to be taken against the pilot. The flight took off for Kochi after eight hours.

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