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Aug 20, 2012 at 09:35am IST

Kerala man who escaped al Qaeda returns home

Calicut: A week after managing to escape from militant's captivity in Philippines, it was an emotional reunion for Kerala's Biju K. Biju was abducted in the Philippines by a militant group with alleged links to the al Qaeda.

Fourteen months in captivity in an unknown land Biju K met his worst nightmares in the Philippines after being abducted by militants. But all that is in the past now as he is finally back home in Calicut.

It was a warm welcome for Biju by not only his family but the entire town. Neighbours, relatives and friends thronged the Calicut airport with drums and songs to receive him and family. Perhaps it was a means to recognise the bravery of this 36-year-old man who managed to escape the clutches of terrorists in Philippines after a 14 month ordeal.

The happiest to see Biju though was his mother who couldn't stop the tears of joy.

Going back to the Philippines is not an option anymore says his family. And Biju for now just plans to spend sometime at home. For now, he just plans to spend some time with family and get over the trauma of the past year.