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Jan 10, 2013 at 09:18am IST

Kerala: Woman helps patients suffering from incurable bone disease lead a normal life

Thiruvananthapuram: Latha Nair in Kerala is making a difference by helping patients suffering from an incurable genetic bone disease lead a normal life. Along with her friend, her organisation, Amrithavarshini is helping hundreds of patients today.

For 40 odd children in Kerala, affected by the incurable Osteogenesis Imperfecta or better known as Brittle bone disease, Amrithavarshini has given a new lease of life. Set up by Latha Nair, a state government employee, along with a few like-minded individuals, this trust has been a saviour for many.

"It all started when someone told me about this boy Binu Devasya who was suffering from Brittle bone disease. First I had no idea what I was looking at. So I asked my friends who were doctors after which I kept sending him gifts and help him out in small ways. That's when Dhanya came in the picture through another friend. She mailed me asking what do you plan to do for Binu. I told her let's raise some money. Gradually we became friends. One day Dhanya asked me how do I treat Binu, I said he is like my right hand. She replied keep me as your left hand. I said okay," says Latha.

Dhanya, Nair's partner in this mission, has herself been confined to a wheel chair, due to this degenerative disease. A fighter to the core, Dhanya's grit and determination has helped Nair when the going got tough.

"The basic thing what I feel happy is about the person around me for whom I have been working. That makes me feel happy. May be that's what I really wanted," Dhanya says.

Amrithavarshini volunteers visit homes across the state, armed with gifts and goodwill. On some days they get them all together for perhaps a jolly ride in a double decker bus through the busy streets of Thiruvananthapuram which leaves the kids happy.

"Most of the countries have an Osteogenisis society but we don't have one. I want to create one - an Osteogenesis society of India. That's my biggest dream. In Kerala we are managing it well but if we get some help, I am sure we can start a society for the country," Nair said.