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Feb 01, 2008 at 11:06am IST

Palakkad police station adjudged the best

Palakkad (Kerala): When most Indians visit the neighbourhood police station they expect to meet portly policemen who usually make their work more difficult. But the people of South Palakkad have a different experience of law enforcement. An international agency has named their police station one of the best in South Asia.

Many like Sathi were apprehensive before their first visit to the police station but were in for a surprise when they saw the police were quite helpful.

“My metre was stolen. I was scared to come to the station alone to report this. But I am so happy for the way they treated me. They have promised to take action soon,” Sathi said.

A new work ethic is blooming at the South Palakkad police station in Kerala. Here complainants are taken properly, and are given a patient ear – things people have stopped expecting from the men in khaki.

No wonder this police station has been adjudged India's best and South Asia's second best by the United Nations agency, Altus Global Alliance, at a competition held in Kaula Lumpur.

“The community orientation, the willingness to go a step further and approach people to redress their grievances, to treat our complainants with a sympathetic attitude has helped us win this prize,” SP Vijay Sakhare said.

So what sets apart India's finest from the rest? The rudimentary and the essential, they have covered all – separate desks to attend to women and children, facilities for disabled, courteous behavior, cleanliness, a well-equipped control room, a library and even a waiting room for visitors.

“I went there for passport verification. Since the concerned officer is busy they asked me to wait. But there attitude is so good and they behave well,” a resident of Palakkad Haridas said.

Efficient management with a human face has ensured people register their complaints at the police station and leave with no reason to complain.

(With inputs from Kundur Sathyanarayan)