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Jun 20, 2007 at 10:11am IST

Khaki on the edge in Vidarbha

New Delhi: Some grim statistics from Vidarbha and this time it's not farmers, even policemen are committing suicide. In less than two months, six Nagpur policemen have ended their lives.

Work pressure and stress, says wife of late sub-inspector Haridas Gopale in Nagpur, was what killed her husband.

Ratna Gopale says, “He was really stressed out with his job. He just couldn't handle it.”

Haridas' is the latest case in Nagpur. Over the last 44 days, six policemen of lower ranks have ended their lives. It's a worrying trend, and in a belt made infamous by a spate of farmer suicides.

Psychotherapist Reeta Aggarwal says, “The trend among the farmers were alarming enough and now we suddenly see another trend coming up in the police force.”

Adds Nagpur Police DCP Prabhat Kumar, “This is more prominent among the older men those engaged in urban policing.”

Police constables work 14 to 16 hours a day on an average. Most feel they are underpaid for all the strenuous work they do. So is regular Yoga an ideal stress buster for them?

It's not tough for a policeman to laugh out aloud like a happy man or to sit down and breathe easy. But often, you need special yoga sessions to put them at ease.

Innovative measures are being implemented by the Nagpur police to keep the men in Khaki stress free but an urgent re-look at their working condition and induction of more manpower in the police force is perhaps the need of the hour.