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Feb 09, 2008 at 06:40pm IST

Khooni Raat: Dr Kidney's starry dream

Mumbai: Bollywood has found it's way into the unholy mess of the recently exposed kidney racket. According to the Muradabad Police, Amit Kumar, the kingpin of the kidney racket, had starry aspirations as well.

Amit Kumar has not only acted in some ‘C’ grade films such as Khooni Raat in the 90s, but has also financed some semi-porn films.

Khooni Raat, a ‘C’ grade horror film, credits Dr Amit Kumar as Santosh. His Bollywood ambitions also spilled over to distributing sleazy low budget films.

During the 90s, the ‘C’ grade film business, Bollywood's lesser known and even lesser talked about extension, was an open arena, where anyone with a few lakhs to spare, could enter, make a quick buck and exit without trace.

"Anyone can enter in this trade with money. Anyone who is attracted to glamour could enter it, make money and leave," says Film Trade Analyst, Indu Mirani.

Even actors who act in these small budget films refuse to name the producers of these films.

"We didn’t know who the producer was," says actor, Poonam Dasgupta.

Last year close to 150 such films were made with a budget of around 10-15 lakhs. Low on production values, these are films shot on 16mm, with actors who are ready to strip their way to fame for a few thousand rupees.

Normally sporting double meaning and provocative titles, these films rake in the moolah not in metros but in smaller cities and in dingy video parlours.

The promise of being part of the film industry coupled with the temptation of quick profits could be what attracted kidney racketeer, Amit Kumar to the industry.