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Jun 21, 2007 at 11:59pm IST

Kicking his way to glory

b>Chennai:The six-year-old has kicked and punched his way to glory. Ganesh is a three-time black belt holder.

Ganesh won a gold medal in the Hokama Karate World Tournament that took place for the first time in India. Chennai saw participants from over six countries.

Ganesh’s father Sekhar is a coach and has been rigorously training him since he has been a one and half year old baby.

“He is very talented and within four years he has become a junior champion. My dream is to see that he wins the gold medal in Olympics,” says Sekhar.

Apart from Ganesh, several kids from Rajasthan and other parts of the country have attended the tournament.

Richard who is a karate coach from UK says, “There is a lot of talent, but the interpretations of the rules here have to change to match those of the rest of the world, since the interpretation of the World Karate Federation rules vary world over.”

While that and Government support for the game might take some time, Ganesh is content and has only one thing to say about himself, “I'm the best player.”

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