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Jun 25, 2007 at 12:03am IST

Kidnapped Surat boy rescued

Surat: After a weeklong wait kidnapped toddler Pranshu has finally been rescued by the police from a village in Orissa.

Back home in Surat, his parents could hardly hide their joy. “It's celebration time for us here, just like Diwali. We are all very happy. I will take him to a temple when he comes home,” a jubilant Pranshu's mother, Shilpaben Shiroya said.

Police say that a watchman named Rushi from the Shiroya residence kidnapped the 18-month-old child.

Rushi reportedly kidnapped the boy, and took him to his sister-in-law's house in Orissa's Pansabasta village. Police were able to locate the child through some phone calls made by Rushi to his relatives.

“He had plans of seeking ransom from the family. Investigations do not point to any other reason,” Surat’s Police Commissioner, R M S Brar revealed.

The police also said that at no given point did they lose track of the case.

“We were keeping a track of his phone and we got information that he was in his bhabi's (sister-in-law) house. Our police raided and found the child,” Inspector (Crime Branch), Gujarat Police, Vijay Singh Jadeja said.

Pranshu’s father is a manager at a leading diamond company in Surat. Though, no ransom call was made, police believe that this could be the motive behind the kidnapping.

“By the time we reached Rushi had fled. But we have sent a different team to nab him and very soon he will be arrested,” Nimai Sethi from IIC, Khurda said.

Meanwhile, Pranshu is to be brought back to Surat by late Sunday night, however, Rushi and his sister-in-law are still absconding.

Pranshu's kidnapping and the police's initial failure to rescue him had lead to widespread anger among Surat's powerful Patidar community.

The community had even given a 48-hour deadline to the police. The kidnapping had taken a political turn and angry members of the Patidar community had issued a warning to the state administration saying that if the boy was not rescued then it would lose the community’s support in the elections this year.

A local BJP MLA Dhirubhai Gajera had also threatened that the Patidar community will come out on the streets if Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi doesn't do anything to find the child.