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May 11, 2012 at 09:14am IST

Kingfisher, Air India pilots strike hits flights

New Delhi: The Indian Aviation industry has been hit by the pilots of two airlines going on strike. Four days after the Air India pilots went on strike, calling in sick, 72 Kingfisher airlines pilots in the north India region have also called in sick, demanding pending salaries.

The Air India crisis worsens

The Air India crisis entered its fourth day on Friday and the situation has been turning from bad to worse. Twelve international flights have been cancelled on Friday morning while 10 more pilots were sacked on Thursday taking the total number of sacked pilots to 46. Air India has also stopped all international bookings till May 15.

But all eyes will be on the Delhi High Court on Friday. It is likely to deliver an interim verdict on training parity between the pilots of Air India and the now defunct Indian Airlines.

The Indian Commercial Pilots Association allege that some pilots were sidelined for the advanced training on aircraft like the Boeing 787.

In a similar case, the Supreme Court had ruled in favor of allowing training to be equally divided.

Air India has been suffering from a loss of Rs 10 crore per day due to the strike and the government has been adamant that talks are possible only if the pilots get back to work while passengers continue to bear the brunt with flight cancellations.

Kingfisher pilots demand pending salaries

Seventy-two pilots based in Northern India have gone on a mass sick leave, following which 17 Kingfisher flights have been cancelled so far.

Most of the pilots currently flying are from the management and are protesting the non-payment of salaries since December.

Kingfisher Airlines Chairman Vijay Mallya had on Monday promised to pay his employees their dues starting Wednesday.

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