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Feb 10, 2012 at 02:39pm IST

Kissenger: A long distance kissing solution

New Delhi: Technology has helped break many barriers and it is now helping overcome the physical distance in exchanging the primal human expression, the kiss.

Hooman Samani a researcher specialising in artificial intelligence at the National University of Singapore's Keio-NUS CUTE Centre has developed a system called Kissenger, a kiss messenger.

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Kissenger consists of a pair of robots that enable kisses to be transferred over a long distance. The robots come in the shape of a ball with oversized silicon lips.

Kissenger: A long distance kissing solution

Technology is now helping overcome the physical distance in exchanging a kiss.

The two digitally connected artificial lips imitate and recreate the lip movement of both users in real time.

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Kissenger is a part of Lovotics, Samani's research on human-to-robot relationship.

The technology can be put use for different kinds of interactions:

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- Human to human tele-kiss that bridges the physical gap between two intimately connected individuals.

- Human to robot kiss, in which one set of artificial lips is integrated in a humanoid robot.

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- Human to virtual character physical/virtual kiss, where humans can kiss virtual characters while playing games and can also get kisses in return.

Hooman Samani's another Lovotics project is the Mini-Surrogate that involves miniature robots as acceptable surrogates of humans for telecommunication.

Inside the Kissenger

Watch the Kissenger in action

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