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Oct 03, 2007 at 12:53am IST

Scrabble-crazy brothers create games website

Kolkata: Getting jumbled words in order isn't all that Scrabble does. For the Agarwala brothers, it's pretty much fixed their lives.

"We've always been crazy about Scrabble. We used to play Scrabble online for almost three hours everyday. But when the site we used to play on became a pay site, we decided to start our own version — www.Scrabulous.com," says Jayant.

Scrabulous.com now has 37 million visitors per day with 8 lakh registered users and 5 million page hits everyday.

The free online game the brothers started is now the Internet's 14th most popular website.

Being plugged into Facebook — the popular social networking site — definitely helped.

"There are almost 3 lakh visitors on Facebook alone everyday. A lot of them come from the staff at Facebook itself. The fact that Facebook lets independent developers like us to link our products onto their interface really helped us make a global mark," says Rajat.

Kolkattans by birth, world citizens through the Internet — the brothers have big plans for their favourite game.

Rajat and Jayant have turned down juicy offers from venture capitalists and are instead betting on a company they have formed to churn out more such online games.

(With inputs from Vikram Venkateswaran in New Delhi)

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