Jun 03, 2008 at 05:28pm IST

'Kolkata Knight Riders made maximum profit'

New Delhi: Never mind they lost out on the field but off it, Kolkata Knight Riders have raked in big bucks - the Indian Premier League (IPL) Chairman and Commissioner Lalit Modi tells CNN-IBN.

Almost two days since the pulsating final, the IPL fever still rules. And the man of the moment is not Yusuf Pathan or Shane Watson, but Lalit Modi. His brainchild - the IPL - broke television rating records and the profits from the league is just mind-boggling. And he reveals that Shah Rukh Khan is laughing all the way to the bank.

Second IPL seasons?

The season will come but not right away. We will take a few years to plan that out. We need to work with the ICC and all the member countries to find a slot for it. But the second season won't be a full-blown season as you see it right now. The first season being a league season, the second season might be a knockout season. But it is all to be discussed and finalised and these are just some of the ideas that we have in our hand.

Transfer window:

There is a trading window that is going to come up and in the trading window the owners and the players get together and decide if they want to change teams and if they both agree then they can put themselves up for trade and the others can probably buy them. But the initial three-year contracts are mandatory and they are all locked in.

Sale of icons:

That will have to go to the governing council for the approval because the icon players are locked in for two years and if all the franchises agree or if there is a majority in the Board, then we will look at it. But, this is something I can't decide at the moment.

Profit making teams:

You don't expect everyone in Year I to make a profit and like I said this is a life-long ownership of the team and I always predicted that the teams will make a profit in Year III or IV. Some teams actually did make a profit in Year I though. Maximum money, I think is made by the Kolkata Knight Riders because of Shah Rukh Khan and the marketing programme that they had made. They made the maximum amount of money. But the others haven't done badly either. The gate collection which is the major part of the revenue, which was estimated to be quite low, have actually swelled up the kitties of all the franchises down the line.

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