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Dec 03, 2012 at 05:21pm IST

Kolkata: World's fastest painter uses art to fight chronic schizophrenia

Kolkata: The world's fastest painter uses colours and adhesives to fight his chronic mental illness. He makes an entire painting in just a few seconds. Parijoy Saha, a chronic schizophrenic, has set a record of finishing 51 paintings in just 35 minutes.

The 38-year old paints awfully fast. He has painted a whole picture in less than one second. That makes him the world record-holder for being the fastest painter.

"When I paint with fevicol and water colour on my hands, fingers and nails, the fevicol will dry up very fast. So automatically the paintings to be made had to be made fast," Saha says.

Saha is a chronic schizophrenic. For the past 10 years, he has been seeking release through colors to fight his hallucination and delusion.

"Had I not got this option of painting, there would have been no satisfaction in my life. I would have remained depressed with my disease," Saha says.

Saha mixes water colours with adhesives on paper and uses his palm, fingers and nails to paint. He then takes the impression of his work on a separate paper. It's the impression that becomes the final painting and he does all that at an average time of 30 seconds flat. And Saha is not daunted by the road ahead.

"I am so used to struggle. I am trying to fight my disease. So fighting out a career is not a big problem," he says. His mother Vijaynetri Saha says, "When I see his confidence, I feel he may establish after five to ten years."

Saha holds the record of making 51 paintings in just 35 minutes and has made it to many records. And coming soon is an honour by the West Bengal government for his outstanding creativity with disability.

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