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Feb 11, 2013 at 08:16pm IST

Kolkata: Youth shot at in broad daylight for protecting girl's honour

Kolkata: A 19-year-old boy was shot after he stood up to roadside sexual harassment against his neighbour, a class 10 student, at Indira Nagar locality in Kolkata. Ruma Sardar, the sister of the brave youth, Mangal Sardar, has been waiting for him recover. However, as she prays for the recovery of her brother, she is also beaming with pride.

Speaking to CNN-IBN, the sister of the brave youth said, "I am very proud of my brother. He took bullet to protect that girl's honor. Very few people do that."

The mother of the girl, who was harassed by the miscreants, said she was grateful to the boy, even as she coped with fear. The woman, who sent her daughter away after the incident, said, "I am scared for my girl and all girls of this neighbourhood. But what that boy did was remarkable."

The area is a dense neighbourhood, with people on the road, and this brazen attack in broad daylight has shocked the locals. One of the residents said, "We are scared to go out. If this can happen in broad daylight then anything can happen."

According to the police, they are very close to cracking the case. One of the assailants has also been identified by the victim and the police have claimed that the miscreants were known offenders.