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Sep 16, 2007 at 11:15am IST

Korean students seek Lord Ganpati's blessings

Pune: It’s not just Indians who are celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi today. Meet Kimjoe, a South Korean student from the University of Pune who eagerly jots down a list of supplies for puja as she prepares for a Ganapati sthapna in her house. Fascinated by the festival's grandeur, Kimjoe and her friends decided to make this year's Ganesh Chaturthi a memorable experience by being a part of it.

Out in Pune's crowded bazaar, Kimjoe and her friend Saehee did their own ‘spiritual’ shopping. From the puja items to decoration pieces—choosing the right Ganapati idol was not easy.

“I am student and this semester I have a big project to do. I am praying to the god of education Lor Ganesha to help me. I really wish I should get good marks with his help,” says Kimjoe Younghei, student.

These students will follow all the rituals of the Ganesha festival, for the next 10 days right from the aarti to the final day visarjan.

"The last time I saw this festival I was just one of them in the back watching these people. But this time, my friends and I are participating in the whole ritual of Ganesha sthapana,” she said.

Kimjoe and Saehee believe the Ganapati festival has not only helped them understand Indian culture better, but has also brought their own community together to celebrate the festival in it's true spirit.

Ganesh Chaturthi is a very special festival for Maharashtrians but for them it has been more than a divine experience, memories of which will last till the Lord’s blessings do.