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Feb 21, 2008 at 03:12pm IST

Kosovo borders see violence post-independence

New Delhi: In the wake of Kosovo’s declaration of its independence came incidents of violence along its northern border with Serbia.

On Tuesday, Kosovans destroyed two border posts, saying that they would never submit to the authority of Kosovo’s Albanian government and its Western backers.

Police manning the posts, called for help from NATO's peacekeeping force.

STRUGGLE CONTINUES: Kosovans destroyed two of five border posts the country shares with Serbia.

Border roads leading north to Serbia were closed for nearly 24 hours and have now been reopened. Peacekeepers have manned the destroyed border posts and have deferred their reopening till they are repaired and manned by Kosovan and UN forces.

Kosovo has five border crossings with Serbia that have been jointly controlled by police and UN officials.

The EU has vowed to work for stability in Kosovo while leaving each member free to decide on recognising its independence.

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