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Sep 11, 2012 at 02:11pm IST

Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant: The pros and cons

Kudankulam: Tamil Nadu is one of the states suffering from unprecedented power cuts. So why has there been such an opposition by the villagers of Kudankulam to the nuclear power plant? Following are some of the pros and cons of the project:


- It's a technologically proven design.

- It has two reactors. When fully operational it will generate 2,000 MW of power. In the first phase, it will generate 1,000 MW of power, and in the second phase, an additional 1,000 MW will be generated.

- Inbuilt safety features minimise the risk of any radiation leaks.

- The location of the Kudankulam was chosen because it is least earthquake prone.

- It's height ensures safety from potential tsunamis.


- By nature of the technology involved, all nuclear plants are high risk.

- The impact of an earthquake or a tsunami on people can be devastating.

- It's not clear if the environmental impact was credibly assessed.

- There are doubts about the cost per watt of nuclear power.

- The storage, disposal of nuclear waste is a cause for concern.