Nov 23, 2012 at 05:33pm IST

Kudankulam nuclear waste to be dumped in Kolar gold mines, residents protest

Kolar: Protests have broken out in Karnataka's Kolar district after reports that the government is planning to dump nuclear waste from the Kudankulam nuclear power plant into the defunct gold mines. Residents of Kolar observed a bandh on Friday against the move and backed by the MLAs and MPs.

The bandh came two days after a government reply to the Supreme Court that waste from the Kudankulam nuclear plant will be taken to Kolar gold fields and dumped in leak-proof concrete pits. The pits are reported to be inside the disused shafts of Bharat Gold Mines Ltd in Kolar.

"Why has the government taken this nonsense step of intending to dump uranium waste in Kolar goal fields mines? We are already suffering from mining diseases and if they go through with this we will get diseases from radiation too," said Kolar resident Jay Kumar.

The JD(S) and BJP supported the bandh. Even though the Congress had not backed the protests officially, yet many party workers joined the residents in observing the bandh.