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Lack of communication between security agencies to blame for Hyderabad blasts: Preeti Singh

Feb 22, 2013 at 06:23pm IST

CNN-IBN's Principal Correspondent Preeti Singh joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on possible connections to the Hyderabad blasts.

Q. Ma'am, what's the reason for this incident? Asked by: Dillip

Lack of communication between security agencies to blame for Hyderabad blasts: Preeti Singh

CNN-IBN's Preeti Singh joined IBNLive readers for an interaction on possible connections to the Hyderabad blasts.

A. Intolerance, vengeance & lack of coordination among our security agencies.

Q. What is NIA doing these days it was considered as strong enough to end terror but it has become another bureaucratic organisation of govt Asked by: Hitesh

A. Hitesh, the NIA set up a unit a few years ago in Hyderabad to help tackle terror from beyond Delhi. The fact that they were among the first to reach blast site and investigate right from scatch is worth appreciating. But having said that, it is also true, NIA has not lived up to it's expectation in previous investigations.

Q. Why is Hyderabad becoming a terror target repeatedly as terrorist have been attacking it repeatedly in quick succession? Asked by: Sanjay

A. The Chief Minister said, "Not at all' when we put the same question to him! So, perhaps your answer is ... because our powers to be live in denial.

Q. Has the celebration and hype created by recent hangings of terrorist by govt and common man to do something with recent attacks? Asked by: Manav

A. That's not being ruled out just yet. But also remember, most of these attacks are pre-planned months ago.

Q. What are the possible connections and reasons for Hyderabad blasts? Asked by: M V Reddy

A. Hyderabad is known as a city with substantial number of sleeper cells. Police & intelligence sources continue to raid lodges & issue advisories against renting out places to unknown people. Just one of the many reasons. Lack of communication between security agencies is another reason. Hopefully NIA will have more definitive answers!

Q. Is this the handiwork of the PoI (Person of Interest) from Pakistan, especially coming after the death of Afzal Guru? Asked by: EMathew

A. Can't speculate.

Q. Do we suspect the hate talks behind this attack? Asked by: Sujan

A. It is part of the many conspiracy theories, but nothing can be said definitively unless backed by evidence. Sushma Swaraj, the leader of opposition though did mention the hate speech & a possible probe in that angle, in the Parliament today.

Q. If the blast is done anywhere in the world it is connected to Hyderabad. Do you think,Is there any political people involved behind the terrorists? Do you think state government has neglected the Central government inputs? Is this the failure of Intelligence agencies? Asked by: Lakshmikanth Gelli

A. Dear Lakshmikanth, you raise some pertinent questions, especially the concern of communication between different security agencies. If the central agency had information but did not pass it on.. or if the state agency ignored the input.. both point to very serious faux pas!

Q. Does it strengthens the perception that Hyderabad has become the hotbed of homegrown terror. just like Azamgarh in UP. Asked by: satyendra

A. Given the fact that similar blasts have occurred in atleast 8 different cities in the recent past, the scary question is .. is terror spreading to our major cities like never before!

Q. Don't you think that such terrorist attacks are not possible without the involvement of locals? Asked by: Shyam Vadalker

A. True.

Q. When US can ensure there is no terrorist attack in a decade after 9/11, why India can not do it? Is it due to intelligence failure or huge population which makes it difficult to keep vigil or lack of political will? Asked by: Shyam Vadalker

A. All of the above.


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