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Sep 07, 2009 at 11:28am IST

Ladakh festival draws tourists

The ongoing Ladakh festival offers opportunities to witness mystical dances, exciting polo matches and gruelling motorcycle expeditions in the Himalayas. The ongoing season lasts till September 15.

Ladakhis, dressed in traditional costumes, dance and sing to mark the beginning of the 15-day-long annual Ladakh festival while welcoming revellers.

Every group belonging to a different village is at the festival to perform its traditional folk dance including the famous yak and singhe dances.

More than 74,000 tourists visited Ladakh last year. This year too, the numbers promise to cross that mark. With over a month or so remaining before the tourist season gets over, the number has already crossed 60,000. The simplicity of the place and its rich culture draw in more and more people every year.

Many visitors swear by the warm welcome they receive from locals. One such tourist said that having travelled half the world to get there had been an experience worth the effort as the joy of being in Ladakh was unbeatable.

There's something in store for everyone and if one is the spiritual type, he or she can just sit back and enjoy the Chamms or a mask dances performed by Llamas.

Meditating to the tunes of mystical music or adventure sports, whatever is one's passion in life - here is a getaway.

You can take up gruelling cycling and motorcyle expeditions through the Himalayas dotted with breath taking views.

The government has realises the potential of the place as a hotspot destination for tourists.

It is laready pegging about Rupees 25 crore to develop the region and tap the potential of tourism.

Winter sports in the place may be harnessed to bring more tourists.

The government is also thinking of ways to extend the tourist season by introducing more winter sports.