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Nov 10, 2008 at 12:45pm IST

Land on moon available for Rs 1,000 per acre

New Delhi: If you've been house hunting lately, you will know that with prices over the moon, there is nothing available for love or money. But the moon has already been surveyed by a dozen moonwalkers.

Sites like lunarembassy.com, lunarregistry.com and moonshop.com, will only be too glad to sell you a piece of your own celestial hearth. The commute would be a drag but there's plenty of space and the view is to die for. A whole acre costs a measly Rs 1,000. No wonder then, even Indians have put down a deposit.

Anish Das Gupta who bought land on the moon, says, "This is something that will be taking place soon that common people will be travelling to the moon. People can call me 'loony' or whatever they want, but I don't mind."

Is it really possible to live on the moon? Well, scientists know it's rich in minerals and believe it might have frozen water. Which is why NASA's planning a lunar post by 2020.

And people have already begun naming the plots - The Sea of Tranquility, Mount Agnes and the Alpes Valley - to name a few. Of course, to start building, one will need to get there first.

And guess what, Google has offered $30 million in prize money for anyone who can build a personal spacecraft to fly to the moon.