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Apr 29, 2009 at 12:17pm IST

Tamil survivor appeals to India for help

New Delhi: The war between Sri Lankan armed forces and Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) has led to one of the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world.

While the Sri Lankan government claims it has stopped using air strikes and heavy weapons against the LTTE, a young Tamilian girl who survived the conflict in the island nation says the war is still on and adds that LTTE chief V Prabhakaran is a hero.

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The young girl is in New Delhi and while she refuses to identify herself, she says that right now she has no country, but she belongs to Eelam in Sri Lanka. She spoke to CNN-IBN about the war, LTTE and the plight of Tamil civilians.

I fear for my life

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I told you not to reveal my face because I have to go back home. I don't mind if I get killed but there should be reason. I should die for something

Ceasefire a myth

It is so bad. What they are facing is all killing and abduction. We never lived. We are just existing in that island. We are just waiting for a day when we can live happily. That is what we are fighting for.

Government is lying

Just few minutes back I received a call from my friend in Vanni. Even now as I am talking to you shelling and aerial bombings are taking place... people are just lying on the road without any assistance. They are just bleeding to death. Again people are moving from the area to safer places. That is what is happening. The Sri Lankan government is just lying and the whole world... I don't know whether they believe it or not, but they just pretend that they believe it.

We adore Prabhakaran

We have to laugh at them because he is our leader and he is fighting for us. But no one talks about state terrorism which is run by the Sri Lankan government. He is freedom fighter.

When asked about reports that Prabhakaran might escape through a submarine, she replies, “We will be glad to hear that if that really happened. I will be the first person to be happy.”

Appeal to India

Do something to stop all these things. I just request India... Mother India. It is the only thing I can ask for.

No attention for Tamils

It pinches me the way the international community responds to us. My question is do we have to be born in Africa or Middle East or Palestine to get attention.