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    Laxman Sivaramakrishnan pleased with new role in ICC Committee

    CNN-IBN sports editor Gaurav Kalra spoke to Laxman Sivaramakrishnan, the former India legspinner who was appointed as a players' representative in the ICC Cricket Committee on Monday. Here are excerpts from the interview.

    Gaurav: You must be quite pleased to be on such an influential committee of the ICC?

    Siva: Thank you very much; I think it's a great privilege and honour to be representing India. And being a part of the committee would certainly help as I definitely have some contribution to make.

    Gaurav: Siva, before we talk more about this, along with Kumara Sangakkara, you are a player representative, what role do you see for yourself as a part of this panel?

    Siva: They haven't sent me the agenda of the meeting so once the agenda comes up, we'll know what's going to be discussed and I am sure there's going to be a lot of cricket related matters that are going to be discussed. And I think I have been around for a long, long time, I've been around for 33 years associated with the game and I have a lot of contribution to make.

    Gaurav: There has been controversy about your election. Especially that the BCCI played a heavy role in influencing that, what is the real truth behind the story?

    Siva: Well I am not aware of any of these things because I have been busy doing commentary since October. When New Zealand toured India, then we had England, Pakistan and Australia, so I have been busy doing commentary. And I think let's not look into the controversial part of it but even if there was one, let's not look at that part of it. I think as Indians we should be proud that there are three Indians in this committee. We have Anil Kumble, Ravi Shastri and I being elected from the players' side, we should be proud of it.

    Gaurav: Let's reflect on this a little bit more, there had been media reports that were doing the rounds that initially, 9 out of the 10 captains had voted for Tim May who was the incumbent and only one voted for you and that it ended up changing the tables completely. What is the real truth with that?

    Siva: Well I have heard of the story and if it was 9-1 then why would there be a re-election is the first question. And I don't go by the reports that have been coming on the website & the newspapers because there's a lot of fiction attached to it more than facts. And people want to build stories, probably that is their job to fill up the blanks in their newspapers but I am not too aware of all these things. In the end what matters is that I have got a confirmation from the ICC that I have been elected from the players' side and that's what matters.

    Gaurav: Among the other allegations that have been doing the rounds, is that you are actually an employee of the Chennai Super Kings. How much truth is there in the fact that you are being seen as Mr.Srinivasan's man in the ICC?

    Siva: Well, I am not an employee of the Chennai Super Kings, I have been an employee of India Cements for the last 16 years and India Cements that owns Chennai Super Kings has happened in the last six years. I have served India Cements as an employee, played cricket for them and I see no attachment with the Super Kings at all. In fact, I have done nothing at all for the Super Kings.

    Gaurav: There is one another conspiracy theory and we must get it out of the way. Your job in the ICC will be to scuttle DRS, which India is opposed to. Where do you stand on all of that, because that is one of the key aspects that the cricket committee will look at?

    Siva: Talking about the DRS...I don't know whether it is a part of the agenda of the meeting, if it is an agenda then we will look into the matter and I am not the sole person who controls the committee, mine is just an opinion. I will say whatever I feel about the DRS in the meeting and it's the final consensus of the committee whether to take up a decision to put in the DRS in place or leave it optional, so, it's not entirely my call.

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