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Feb 09, 2008 at 09:58pm IST

Astrology hall pulls in crowd at WBF

New Delhi: The 18th World Book Fair is on at the capital till Sunday. Nakshatra, a hall dedicated to astrology, has been the surprise hit at the fair this year.

Blame it on the cloudy, chilly afternoons that it isn’t pouring book-lovers at the ongoing World Book Fair this time. However, there is one hall that’s buzzing with activity. No, it's not the section on Harry Potter, but it comes close.

This hall that has been attracting a lot of attention is entirely dedicated to astrology, palmistry, tarot card reading, and every other imaginable branch of the mystic sciences. Stalls for meditation, astrologers waiting to counsel you about your future, crystal healing, and sadhus ready to give tips on the art of living — you name it and you have it.

Most visitors say it is the curiosity factor that attracts them to the hall.

Simple curiosity it might be, but it's surely giving the organisers and publishers a reason to smile.

Yahan pe educated log atey hai (We draw in a crowd of educated people),” Organiser Future Point Pankaj Pandey says.

“There's a comeback of sorts to everything Indian, so the great interest astrology,” a representative of Publishers Rupa & Co, Kapish Mehra explains.

Though there might not have been an overwhelming response to the World Book Fair in general, the interest in the astrology and mystic sciences section seems to have been good.

And good would mean estimated revenue of over 3 lakh rupees, just for this astrology counsellor while the 10-day fair is on.

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