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Sep 12, 2013 at 05:26pm IST

Little girl exposes security flaw in iPhone 5s' fingerprint scanner

New Delhi: A security flaw - that might now seem obvious - in Apple's much touted Touch ID fingerprint sensor in Apple's just-announced iPhone 5s was brought to light via an image posted on Reddit by a user iZeeHunter. The image shows his little niece, with an impish laugh on her face, shattering Apple's claims of high-level security that the Touch ID fingerprint sensor would bring to the iPhone 5s.

While the image correctly highlights the security flaw, the phone shown in the image isn't an iPhone 5s but its predecessor, the iPhone 5 and the image was photographed using an HTC phone. The girl was instructed to "to do the evilest look there is" and iZeeHunter says he "didn't expect her to spawn the cutest satan ever spawned."