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Feb 21, 2014 at 05:12pm IST

Live blog: Intel CEO Brian Krzanich's keynote at CES 2014

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich will lay out the company's 2014 product plans and strategy during a CES keynote, beginning at 6:30 PM PT on Monday, January 6 (January 7, 2014 7:45 AM IST). Live updates.

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8:03 am: Watch CNET's coverage of Intel's CES press conference earlier today.

8:00 am: Note: user comments are closed during the event.

9:08 am: Hey everyone, that's it for the live blog at Intel's CEO keynote, thanks for watching. Be sure to tune in tomorrow morning for more coverage of CES 2014 in Las Vegas.

9:07 am: Thanks for joining us, folks!

9:06 am: Well, folks, Krzanich thanks everyone for being on this journey of innovation. And that's it from the keynote.

9:06 am: Looks like we're winding down.

9:05 am: Genius kids all on stage. Feels like I'm living Ender's Game.

9:04 am: 

9:04 am: And Intel is challenging the industry to take on the use of conflict minerals.

9:03 am: No more conflict minerals in Intel processors, at least in 2014. Admirable gesture.

9:02 am: 

9:02 am: Years of work has paid off, he says. Tonight, every processor Intel makes in 2014 will be conflict free.

9:02 am: Over the last four years, we've worked with our industry, and governments around the world, to transform the industry, Krzanich says.

9:01 am: The easy answer is to stop sourcing those minerals from the region. But...can we do something else to help the people in Central Africa? "That's the challenge we took over four years ago," Krzanich says.

9:01 am: Total silence.

9:01 am: And the guilt washes over everyone in the room.

9:00 am: Intel is talking about conflict minerals, and the war in the Congo built around the economy of those minerals. Presumably Intel will talk about not using those minerals.

9:00 am: Intel is now talking conflict minerals.

8:59 am: For like 5 seconds. OK, I like Gabe and Valve, but did he need to be there for a two minute appearance?

8:59 am: Intel makes millions and millions of transistors every day.

8:59 am: And just like that, we're on to something new.

8:58 am: They're actually playing DOTA 2 onstage right now.

8:57 am: 

8:57 am: He's talking Steam Machine.

8:56 am: Hopefully we'll now get some cool gaming tidbits.

8:56 am: Gabe Newell onstage!

8:55 am: And now...Krzanich is talking about Valve and video gaming. So here comes Gabe Newell from Valve.

8:55 am: "So that was storytelling."

8:55 am: I'm not really sure that Intel understands kids.

8:55 am: 

8:54 am: 

8:54 am: People are looking around for the whale. But I assure you, it's only on the screen.

8:54 am: Why are people looking around like there's an actual whale in the room?

8:53 am: Which means, I guess, that they've superimposed a flying whale on the screen over a streamed video of the ballroom.

8:53 am: Intel: Experience the whale.

8:53 am: There's going to be a demo of...um...a flying whale.

8:52 am: Now we're talking whale airships. I think we've somehow come full circle.

8:51 am: Now, Krzanich says, we can be immersed in story.

8:51 am: This is what happens when chip engineers try to design games.

8:51 am: "Immersive imagination."

8:51 am: And it can be quickly modified with the addition of new objects.

8:50 am: Cool concept, but doesn't look very fun. Maybe it's just not for me though.

8:49 am: This demo is kind of cool. It shows how the environment for a game could be instantly created by scanning a real-world space.

8:49 am: Scanning a real sandbox to create an interactive virtual one.

8:48 am: I still want to know if they'll show Fruit Ninja.

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