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Apr 12, 2014 at 11:29am IST

What Sanjaya Baru said about his book 'The Accidental Prime Minister'

A book by a former advisor to the Prime Minister, Sanjaya Baru has ruffled the feathers in the top echelons of the Congress. Baru, in his book 'The Accidental Prime Minister', has written that PM Manmohan Singh surrendered to pressure from Congress president Sonia Gandhi and allies.

Baru has written that Singh was "defanged" by the Congress in his second term with Sonia Gandhi deciding on key appointments to the Cabinet and to the PMO, as he seemed to "surrender" to her and to the allies.

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11:30 am: CNN-IBN exclusive interview with ex-PM adviser Sanjaya Baru about his controversial book is now over #SanjayaBaru

11:28 am: Baru: I might have political leanings, all of us do, but no political ambitions #SanjayaBaru

11:27 am: Baru: If those who want to defend PM are sensible, they can use the book; so can those who want to criticise #SanjayaBaru

11:26 am: Baru: Since 2009 Sonia Gandhi wanted Dr Singh to be under her control #SanjayaBaru

11:26 am: Baru: Rahul Gandhi has been publicly deferential, but politically, some of his behaviour can't be called deferential towards PM #SanjayaBaru

11:25 am: Baru: In 2004 Singh wasn't produced out of a hat, he was supported by UPA allies too #SanjayaBaru

11:25 am: Baru: My book argues that in 2004 Sonia Gandhi did not have too much of a choice in who should be Prime Minister #SanjayaBaru

11:23 am: Baru to CNN-IBN: Manmohan Singh was not treated with the deference that the Prime Minister deserves #SanjayaBaru

11:22 am: Baru: Everything mentioned in my book are recorded facts, some quite well known #SanjayaBaru

11:21 am: Baru: In last few years Dr Singh has been made fun of in unprecedented way; wanted to correct some notions for young people #SanjayaBaru

11:16 am: Baru: Leaders are loved or hated; tragic that Dr Singh is ridiculed; wanted to address new generation about this #SanjayaBaru

11:16 am: Baru: Wrote this book because of agony at how Dr Singh was made object of ridicule in last two years #SanjayaBaru

11:14 am: Baru: PM's authority was curtailed and superseded by Sonia Gandhi #SanjayaBaru

11:14 am: Ex-PM adviser: It is no secret that Sonia Gandhi was super-Prime Minister #SanjayaBaru

11:13 am: Baru: Problem started in 2009 when Dr Singh thought victory was due to him; Congress did not #SanjayaBaru

11:12 am: Baru: In UPA I Dr Singh was accidental PM; in 2009 Cong went to people on his name, got more seats but didn't give him credit #SanjayaBaru

11:10 am: Ex-PM adviser: Let there be an open debate on the subject; my aim was not propaganda for or against PM #SanjayaBaru

11:09 am: Baru: I am amused by the PMO's response to the book #SanjayaBaru

11:08 am: Ex-PM adviser: Owed it to country to set all the facts on the record #SanjayaBaru

11:08 am: Baru: For every criticism of PM in the book, there are double the number of arguments in support of Dr Singh #SanjayaBaru

11:07 am: Baru: UPA I performed creditably, things went horribly wrong in UPA II; book reflects this #SanjayaBaru

11:06 am: Ex-PM adviser Baru: My facts are balanced; if Modi reads whole book he might not be happy with my comments praising UPA I #SanjayaBaru

11:04 am: Sanjaya Baru: That the PM was defanged is not news; book actually reveals this was not always the case 60% of the time #SanjayaBaru

11:03 am: Sanjaya Baru: Media has picked up some of the criticism of Dr Singh only; but book is honest and balanced #SanjayaBaru

11:02 am: Sanjaya Baru: Timing of the book was decided by publisher; it had been ready for some time #SanjayaBaru

11:01 am: PM's ex-adviser Sanjaya Baru speaks exclusively to CNN-IBN about his controversial book #SanjayaBaru

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