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Feb 15, 2014 at 11:54pm IST

After Delhi CM's resignation, how the day unfolded

New Delhi: 11:50 pm: Kejriwal says, "The Aam Aadmi of the country is fighting now, do not underestimate the common man."

11:49 pm: Kejriwal says, "I met Anna few days back. He is happy with me."

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11:48 pm: Kejriwal says, "There is a lot of money with the Delhi government, people just need to be honest."

After Delhi CM's resignation, how the day unfolded

AAP leader Yogendra Yadav said, "Arvind Kejriwal's resignation has been accepted and the party will fight Lok Sabha elections under his leadership."

11:47 pm: Kejriwal says, "Women came to me to say that I was the first person to fight for them with sincerity."

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11:46 pm: Kejriwal says, "I protested at 4 degree celcius in Delhi, it was not a drama."

11:45 pm: Kejriwal says, "We should dream, we have given people the hope to dream."

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11:40 pm: Kejriwal says, "I can give my life for the Constitution but will not take the orders of the Home Ministry."

11:38 pm: Kejriwal says, "It is only the AAP which talks about anti-corruption."

11:37 pm: Kejriwal says, "I am a man in a hurry. Want the country to develop quickly."

11:36 pm: Kejriwal says, "We will get 50 seats in Delhi whenever the elections are held."

11:35 pm: Kejriwal says, "Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi are not talking about providing security to public."

11:34 pm: Kejriwal says, "From the past one year the Adani and Ambani group is funding Modi's election campaign."

11:33 pm: Kejriwal says, "My first priority is to bring law and order in Delhi."

11:32 pm: Kejriwal says, "I have no political ambitions for myself."

11:30 pm: Kejriwal says, "We are not prepared to fight the Lok Sabha polls but the voters are ready. They will fight the elections like they did in Delhi."

11:23 pm: Kejriwal says, "No one has been jailed by the Lokayukta Bill that has been in place since the last 15 years."

11:22 pm: Kejriwal says, "The words used against the L-G by some AAP members should not have been said."

11:16 pm: Kejriwal says, "We warned him not to use unconstitutional language in the future."

11:15 pm: Kejriwal says, "AAP's parliamentary affairs Committee had a consultation on the Somnath Bharti issue."

11:14 pm Kejriwal says, "We were not confronting the police, we were struggling against them."

11:13 pm: Kejriwal says, "No one had the courage to file FIR against Mukesh Ambani."

11:12 pm: Kejriwal says, "There was no consensus possible with the BJP or the Congress."

11:05 pm: Kejriwal says, "He did not quit to fight elections and that there was no need for a CM to resign to fight the Lok Sabha elections."

11:00 pm: Arvind Kejriwal speaks to Rajdeep Sardesai on why he stepped down as Delhi's chief minister.

8:10 pm: The Union Cabinet in a meeting to discuss the future course of action for Delhi Assembly has recommended President's Rule in the national capital. It has been recommended that the Assembly be placed under suspended animation. The Cabinet's recommendation has been forwarded to President Pranab Mukherjee for approval.

7:00 pm: Union Cabinet meeting begins at PM Manmohan Singh's residence to discuss the future course of action for Delhi Assembly.

3:58 pm: The Lieutenant Governor recommends President's rule for Delhi. He recommends that the Delhi Assembly be put under suspended animation.

3:50 pm: Former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit says, "There's a system and Constitution has to be followed. AAP was looking for an opportunity. We are committed to fighting corruption. People of Delhi who voted for them will judge what happened in these 49 days."

3:25 pm: Congress leader Rajiv Shukla says, "The ball is in the Lieutenant Governor's court to decide."

3:22 pm: Senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley says, "I have never seen a government like this in my career. How they governed Delhi was strange, they are best example of cheap politics."

3:20 pm: Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde says, "The Bill introduction was against the Indian Constitution."

3:16 pm: Senior BJP leader Harsh Vardhan says, "I highlighted lies of AAP when they completed 30 days."

3:14 pm: says, "In 49 days, Kejriwal only created instability in Delhi. First time a Chief Minister called himself anarchist with pride. We all saw that."

3:12 pm: He says, "AAP's association with ford organisations questionable. They took donations from various other foreign organisations."

3:10 pm: He says, "AAP government's resignation was scripted in the Congress's office."

3:08 pm: Vardhan says, "AAP which has been propped up by the Congress has caused crisis in Delhi."

3:06 pm: Manish Sisodia has called all AAP MLAs for a meeting at Kaushambi office at 4:30 pm.

2:24 pm: Lieutenant Governor Najeeb Jung sends report to the Centre on the situation in Delhi in the wake of resignation of the AAP government.

2:21 pm: AAP leader Yogendra Yadav says, "AAP will fight Lok Sabha elections under Arvind Kejriwal's leadership."

2:19 pm: Yadav says, "Arvind Kejriwal's resignation has been accepted."

2:16 pm: AAP leader Yogendra Yadav says, "Now BJP -Congress alliance is clear. Several times on Friday in the House they told the Speaker that they 40 are in majority."

2:13 pm: AAP leader Gopal Rai says, "AAP's 'Jhadoo Chalao Yatra has begun to remove corruption from the country. This is a volunteers march across the country. This is an attempt to join people with AAP."

2:10 pm: AAP leader Mansh Sisodia says, "We request the L-G that all investigations into all FIRs filed should be carried impartially through till the end."

2:09 pm: The L-G has forwarded the resignation along with his report to the President.

2:08 pm: AAP says, "The way the Congress and BJP said in the House that we 40 to the Speaker, they should form the government in Delhi. This alliance has been working for the last so many years."

2:07 pm: AAP says, "We will tell the people that both BJP and Congress are together. We will tell people that BJP and Congress are not the right option to fight against corruption."

2:06 pm: AAP will take up the issue of corruption during campaign across the country. The first rally will be on February 23 in Haryana and will be headed by Arvind Kejriwal.

2:05 pm: The party stands by Arvind Kejriwal's decision. AAP believes that if Jan Lokpal Bill cannot be made then AAP cannot be in power for even a single day.

2:02 pm: AAP PAC meet over.

1:45 pm: Outgoing Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tweets, "This is decisive battle against corruption. All right thinking and patriotic people should come together."

1:10 pm: The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party meeting is over. Party leader Vijay Goel says, "We have discussed the crisis caused by Aam Aadmi Party in Delhi. This was scripted and planned."

On Jan Lokpal Bill, he says, "Lokpal Bill is not Arvind Kejriwal's property. This is only a political drama."

He adds, "We will hold a dharna at Jantar Mantar on February 18 to protest against AAP."

On the question of forming the government in the national capital, he says, "We don't want to comment on forming of government right now. Will the assembly be dissolved or suspended we don't know. We are ready even if elections take place tomorrow."

12:27 pm: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar says, "If someone forms the government, then the party that forms the government will take initiative to implements its manifesto. A situation was created to form a government in Delhi, the Congress came forward and supported them. But we have to follow the Constitution."

11:38 am: Expelled AAP leader Vinod Kumar Binny says, "Arvind Kejriwal never wanted Jan Lokpal passed. They want the politics on Jan Lokpal to stay alive, that's why they didn't want to clear it. If they were sincere they would have pushed for it. They wanted this drama."

He adds, "I will take decision after we know how the BJP plans to form the government."

11:15 am: Senior BJP leader Harsh Vardhan says, "Kejriwal has left Delhiites for national aspirations. 2014 is a crucial year, Narendra Modi will take the country to a different level. We are prepared for Delhi elections."

11:00 am: AAP leader Prashant Bhushan says, "If any party says they want to form the government and has majority, the L-G can give them a chance. If Congress, BJP will not come together to form government then there is no option.

"We recommended assembly to be dissolved and have elections again. Our responsibility was to remove corruption from the country. We were not allowed to do so by the Congress and the BJP."

10:52 am: Lieutenant Governor office sources say, "The L-G office is most likely to send its recommendation to President office on Sunday post-noon."

10:48 am: Manish Sisodia reaches for the PAC meet. The meeting is being held at Kejriwal's residence at 11 am.

10:40 am: Independent MLA Rambir Shokeen, who recently withdrew his support to the AAP government, says "He wasn't able to govern Delhi and that's why he quit. I will meet Rahul Gandhi and Harshvardhan. Congress and BJP should unite.

10:33 am: Congress leader Sandeep Dikshit says, "It now depends on the Lieutenant Governor. We wanted a secular government. I don't think Kejriwal was interested, he just did drama and ran away from responsibilities. We gave them support. We will go with what the L-G does. They don't believe in law and constitution."

10:23 am: AAP spokesperson Ashutosh says, "The Lieutenant Governor is a very knowledgeable man, we respect him. L-G has no other option but to dissolve assembly."

A day after Arvind Kejriwal resigned as the Delhi Chief Minister, the Aam Aadmi Party national converner is meeting other party leaders and supporters at his residence on Saturday. Meanwhile, the party's Political Affairs Committee will also meet in the morning.

Kejriwal, who resigned just 49 days after the AAP came to power, has recommended immediate dissolution of the Assembly and fresh polls in his letter to the Lieutenant Governor. The resignation after the party faced a major embarrassment in the Assembly on Friday when the Speaker ruled against the introduction of the Jan Lokpal Bill.

Kejriwal had said, "I have not come here for chair. Today my entire government resigns for Jan Lokpal . I can resign from chief minister's chair 100 times for Jan Lokpal."

He had said, "I will meet the Lieutenant Governor and hand over my resignation and request him to dissolve the Assembly so that repolling can be held."

He had said, "They tell lie that we are not following Constitution. They want to do corruption. Both BJP and Congress have joined hands. We say eradicate corruption. They say it is unconstitutional.

The Delhi BJP is also meeting in the morning to decide on the party's further course of action.

On taking Centre's consent before tabling the Jan Lokpal Bill, Kejriwal had said, "The Centre is behaving like the British and the Lieutenant Governor like the Viceroy.