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Jun 20, 2007 at 07:46am IST

Liz gets workaholic on honeymoon

New Delhi: For most newly weds, honeymoon is a blissful time away from by the stress of the everyday life. But it’s not so for Liz Hurley.

The actor spent several hours working even as she was in the sumptuous luxury of a £1,500-a-night hotel for her honeymoon, The Daily Mail reports.

Liz spent most of her honeymoon talking to her office staff about marketing plans for her beachwear business and her website. She kept herself busy throughout the ten-day honeymoon on Frégate Island in the Seychelles. In fact, her priority even after arriving was to sell her range of bikinis.

WORK-A-HOLIC: Liz spent most of her honeymoon talking to her office staff about her beachwear business.

Liz, 41, who married businessman Arun Nayar, 42 told Easy Living in an interview that she did a “few hours’ business” every day. “The first thing I did was sell our beachwear to the boutique on the island. I also worked out orders for our sales agents and PR companies, wrote a marketing strategy and designed pages for our website,” Liz was quoted by The Daily Mail.

Luckily, Liz had the blessing of her husband. She says: “He doesn’t mind as long as I limit it to a few hours.” She also reveals she has spoken to her five-year-old son Damian about the possibility of a little brother or sister.

“Last month he wanted me to have twins called Daphne and Fred, so we’ll see,” she told Easy Living.

With excerpts from The Daily Mail