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Feb 21, 2011 at 09:56am IST

Lokayukta officer attacked in Bangalore

Bangalore: Another officer was attacked in the line of duty in Bangalore. The chief conservator of forests and Lokayukta officer UV Singh was attacked while inspecting the Nagavara lake in Bangalore.

Singh stopped by to question some people when he saw them dumping pollutants from a tanker into the lake. He was attacked while he was questioning those people.

Singh was taken to a nearby hospital where he was discharged after first aid. Karnataka Lokayukta Santosh Hegde condemned the attack. He told CNN-IBN that he wants the state government to intervene.

"Singh did not sustain any major injuries, but it is the audacity of the attack that shocks me. I want to see what actions does the state government take in this matter. I want to know what was the role played by the representative who was there at the spot," he said.

Talking about the incident, Singh told CNN-IBN, "I was having some information that there are some people who are in the business of dumping industrial leftovers in these channels and lakes. A white colour Innova with BBMP written over it came and one of the people in the car introduced himself as the corporator and asked me to leave the vehicle. I said that it can't happen. After that they pushed me and I suffered some injuries."

Singh said that it is something shocking that the man was putting polluted water taken from the industries and putting it into the channels where the treated water is going.

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