Jul 29, 2012 at 02:38pm IST

London Olympics: Mystery woman in the Indian contingent identified

London: The girl who crashed team India's Opening Ceremony at the London Olympics has been identified. She's reportedly Madhura Honey, a postgraduate student, hailing from Bangalore, according to the reports in Deccan Chronicle.

Acting Chef de Mission of the Indian contingent P.K. Muralidharan Raja is understandably agitated that a person who was not part of the delegation was allowed to accompany the team and hog the limelight in the process.

Raja on Saturday told CNN-IBN, "She had no business being there. It was a clear case of intrusion." We are taking up the issue with the organisers. We don't know who she is and why she was allowed to walk in. The march past is for the athletes and officials attached to the contingent," Raja said.

Photographs showed a woman in red and blue walking close to flag-bearing wrestler Sushil Kumar on Friday night, in complete contrast to female members of the contingent who were wearing yellow sarees and blue blazers.

Deccan Chronicle sources said that her friend from the college was also baffled seeing her with the Indian contingent. She has been living in London and before she went with the Indian team, she had displayed her Olympic passes on her Facebook account. But once this became an issue, she had deactivated her Facebook account.

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