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Sep 15, 2011 at 01:27pm IST

LPG cause of air pollution, CSE flyas report

New Delhi: The Environment Ministry's recent report on sources of pollution levels in cities across India is a victim of bad science and politics. That's the allegation by the Centre for Science and Environment. The Ministry report blames LPG combustion and road dust as the biggest contributor to air pollution when in fact it is vehicles which are the biggest source.

Associate Director of CSE Anumita Roychowdhary said, "Half of small particulate matter, less than 200 size, in Delhi is coming from domestic fuel consumption. The report doesnt mention the science behind it. They have not explained that what kind of chemical markers they have used in their study that willshow that LPG is contributing so much."

There are other studies which contradict the Environment Ministry's data. These show 50 per cent people live within influence zone of vehicular traffic. Therefore maximum people are at risk from vehicular fumes. And a hike in particulate pollution from vehicles can increase premature deaths to as high as 3000 per year in Delhi.

It is therefore a myth that vehicular and especially diesel technology is clean in India.

Just a couple of months back minister Jairam Ramesh had called the use of SUV's criminal and asked for stricter fiscal measures for the diesel vehicles. So was the minister's statement then a reflection of MOEF's double standards and is the environment ministry using bad science to support the automobile industry.

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