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Feb 22, 2009 at 02:55am IST

LTTE lands suicide attacks in Colombo

New Delhi: Friday's audacious attack by a LTTE in the heart of Colombo is being claimed as a suicide attack and pictures have been released showing supremo Prabhakaran seeing off the attackers.

However, the failed attack has left the rebels limping with no air capability left.

The pictures show Prabhakaran flanked by his two black Tiger suicide pilots.

The photo was reportedly taken Friday night shortly before they embarked on their Czech built aircraft to attack the Defence Ministry and an air force base in Colombo.

The LTTE claims the mission was a success but neither aircraft managed to bomb their targets and both were shot down by air defence units in Colombo.

They were navigating using torch light and handheld GPS the Tigers are now left with only one aircraft and the obvious question – where is it?

The other mystery is where did the suicide flights came from. Sources in Colombo say the flights were detected by the Air Force Radar in Mannar when it took off from the A-35 highway in Puthukudiyiruppu and reached Colombo via Mankulam.

Indian intelligence sources suspect the LTTE's agents in south-east Asia are trying to locate an isolated island where the terror group could rest and retrain.

There are scores of uninhabited islands in the Maldives chain even in India's Lakshadweep chain where the LTTE could find what suits its requirements.

An alert has reportedly been sounded in southern India. Coastal radar and air defence units have been specially briefed.

The LTTE maybe down to only one aircraft and one option to go down with its flag and stripes intact.