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Nov 06, 2009 at 03:48am IST

Judges stay in hotels, state pays in lakhs

New Delhi: An application filed through the Right to Information Act (RTI) has revealed that hotel stay for Judges from the High Court of Madhya Pradesh while in Delhi has cost the state exchequer Rs 3 lakh in bills. The details were acquired from the general administration department of the state government.

Judges of the Madhya Pradesh High Court have been staying in Delhi in private hotels with the state government bearing their boarding and lodging expenses up to Rs 25,000 per day.

  • On February 22, this year Rs 15,165 were spent on the stay of Justice Khemkar.
  • The same day, Rs 15,165 was spent for justice AM Sapre's stay.
  • Rs 8425 were spent for the stay of Justice S Samvatsar.
  • The next day, on February 23, the stay of Justice PK Jaiswal cost Rs 25,275.
  • That of Justice R Menon cost Rs 15,165 on the stay of Justice R Menon.


Judges, while on official duty in Delhi are entitled to stay in the Madhya Pradesh Bhawan and the expenses incurred are reimbursed by the High Court. The RTI has brought to light that the government has been extending hospitality worth thousands of rupees to the Judges who are happily accepting it.

A separate RTI query revealed that rooms were available at the MP Bhavan when the Judges visited the national capital.

Clearly, austerity was not an issue here while lakhs of rupees were spent from public exchequer.