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Nov 21, 2006 at 08:19pm IST

Maharashtra petrol pumps may go dry

Mumbai: Its day two of the Maharashtra Petroleum dealers association strike. There are still many petrol pumps dispensing fuel, but some have dried up.

The state government has yet to react and it is playing the wait and watch game. Not surprisingly it’s the consumers who will be stretched.

Early Tuesday morning the queue of vehicles lined up at South Mumbai petrol pump reflects the sense of urgency among consumers to fill their tanks before stocks run out.

Petrol pumps across Maharashtra have stopped taking fresh fuel stocks from the oil companies and some of them are running dry.

Meanwhile, the Maharashtra Petroleum Dealers' Association claims that out of 250 plus petrol pumps in Mumbai 100 have already gone dry turning consumers back.

But the state is in no mood to relent and is unlikely to offer any concessions either on the high rates of sales tax or by an amendment of the rent control act.

The government is depending on the 30 company owned outlets in the city to bail them out during the strike.

The fact remains that lack of wholehearted support by many of the petroleum dealers have resulted in limited response to the strike.

But there is no doubt that if the stalemate between the state government and the petroleum dealers association continues, Mumbaikars are in for a tough time ahead.