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Feb 17, 2009 at 03:45am IST

Mahesh, Nandita attend film festival in Pak

Mumbai: Pakistan's only international film festival opened last week with some hiccups. Its main sponsor backed out at the last minute because of the economic downturn and guests from India were few this time.

“Due to Pakistan-India tension, some artists and some films were dropped. But the overall response has been good. Mahesh Bhatt and Nandita Das have just arrived. There might be a decline in hype because some new Indian guests have not come,” says festival director Hasan Zaidi.

But Bollywood Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and actress Nandita Das, who recently turned filmmaker with her debut Firaq, graced the second-last day of the Kara Film festival in Karachi. They went there despite the ongoing tensions between the two countries after the Mumbai terror attacks.

“I think the actors, the writers, the directors, the singers and the musicians can dare and once again audaciously undo what perhaps has been done and for that they should be realistic and prepare for a long battle,” says filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt.

“"The more we come, the more we see the truth as it is, the more we are able to go back and convey the right story instead of just having this perception of fear,” says actor, filmmaker Nandita Das.

So despite the shadow of crisis, the show did go on. Among the films screened were 120 short films, more than 60 documentaries and about 50 feature films, including 30 Indian films.